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Our jewelry is beautiful, precious, shimmering, fashionable, uniquely customized and worn for personal adornment to enhance confidence and vibrancy. Here is an overview below on how to care for your precious jewelry.

How to care for your jewelry

Our custom design jewelry is made of stainless steel coated with gold plated. Please follow the following tips to  care for your jewelry  to ​ prevent it from tarnishing.

Care tips

  • Polish jewelry occasionally with soft cloth to maintain shimmery appearance and longevity.

  • Store  jewelry in the beautiful box provided.

Things to avoid doing  to enhance longevity of jewelry

  • Avoid  exposing jewelry to corrosive substances or harsh chemicals.

  • Avoid soaking jewelry in chlorine from hot tubs, pools and spas.

  • Avoid spraying perfumes or lotions directly on jewelry.

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